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It is not hard to see why video marketing is becoming so popular. As we consume more video content on social media, video streaming sites, and streaming services. We are getting more familiar with the idea of getting the information we need through videos instead of text. To start, they are easier to digest than straining our eyes from the excessive amount of screen time we have already. This would be why the world reportedly watches over 1 billion hours of YouTube hours per day and is the second largest search engine. 

Previously, companies would use agencies with video content creators for their occasional video. Now, marketers need to be ready to create and curate high-quality video content as their customers prefer it over text. Modern digital marketers need to learn to incorporate video content into their daily marketing plans to remain competitive. Below, we’ll talk more about why video marketing is so important and what matters in video marketing!.

What Matters in Video Marketing

School Is In Session

Video Marketing - learning the basics

Marketers in modern times are not typically taking the “pitching type” of approach to getting the audience’s attention. Now, why is this? Well, simply, there is too much choice out there. Consumers and businesses don’t need to be sold to, they could do a quick search and find the best product they need in minutes. 

Let’s Get Personal

At one point, almost everyone has wanted to check out a Facebook live or Instagram video to get a closer look at a business’s inner workings. As you navigate your marketing career, you will want to learn how to create these basic videos and optimize them. These mediums are great for offering people an intimate look into what the business is up to and use creative tools to assist. Having these videos available for only 24 hours creates more of a real-time feel and gives the audience a time-sensitive rush.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We understand you might not have the latest and greatest tech when it comes to video creation, this is the case for very few businesses. Thankfully our personal devices are becoming more usable in video creation. Most modern cell phones are now capable of recording in 1080p in a high frame rate or even 4K. Your cell phone can easily be used for your video content. One addition to that is if you do use your cell phone is to buy a stand for it. There is nothing worse than watching a video with a shaky hand cam view. On top of buying a stand for your cell phone, if you can buy a mic as well. Many mics now can be plugged into a cell phone and record voice through various free apps (I recommend RODE). Adding a proper mic adds more quality and is arguably more important than the video quality. 

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Why Does Video Marketing Matter

Who Makes The List?

The overwhelming majority of web traffic will consist of video in the near future. Search engines love videos because they are seen as high quality. To this end, using video content can do wonders for your ranking. Given that you incorporate the correct keywords, the video is optimized, the meta description is written well, and there is a strong tile. 

May The Best Win

Most businesses are now investing in video marketing in one form or another. Companies see video as vital for getting all sorts of messages in front of their audience. Correctly made and optimized videos can do wonders for educating people on your product’s ins and outs. By using storytelling, you can easily catch people’s attention and hold it while entertaining them. Depending on how it matches your product and the goal of your video, using animation or illustrations can make it stand out from the crowd. 

Engaging Conversations 

Video Marketing - engaging conversations

Up to 90% of consumers claim that videos will help them make a purchasing decision. There is a reason why so many Instagram and other social media influencers will endorse products to their audience. Landing pages are also a valuable space to input videos as they can help boost conversion rates by up to 80%. Just be sure that you do not have autoplay on to startle your visitors. I am sure a large portion of us have been in a position where we can’t find where the music is coming from. Another reason for videos being on your landing page is many visitors do not want to navigate your site for the information themselves. By placing a video on your landing page with a general overview gives key information to your visitors quickly. 

Deciding on the Video to Create

There are plenty of types of videos out there, and they all serve different purposes on different channels. Each type of video comes with its own specific marketing strategy and requires a good foundation of understanding before creation. Before you sit down and create the video, you will want to ensure that the channel itself and the type of video fit the end goal the video is meant to serve. 

There are many types of videos you can create to better serve your customers and prospects. You can create explainers to educate people on your product or service. Interviews help discuss both sides or showcase a specific guest or influencer. Product reviews to help showcase new products or services to the world. You can also use influencers in the industry to review your product and have them give honest feedback and essentially free advertising. Lastly, live video gives your audience an up-close and personal look at your business and what would be behind closed doors. 

Drive Your Passion

Just like any piece of content you create, the product you sell, or the service you provide. You should not back anything you are not passionate about. It is very easy to tell if you are not passionate about what you are doing and it makes it more difficult to excite your customers about it. This is only amplified through the use of video. Now your customers are able to put a face to the business and learn more about you than they normally can.

Through the proper research, preparation, and content, you will make sure that your passion comes out through your work. This also links to high-quality content as these are similar steps to ensuring your content is high quality. But, through preparing and creating high-quality content, you will, by nature, ensure it is what you want to be sharing. Your viewers will see this preparation and passion behind your words and buy into your passion. 

Now What?

Video is one of the most popular forms of content in today’s market. In today’s world, it also makes sense to produce video content where we are craving connection and personality from businesses we interact with. Videos are one of the best ways to have a connection with your audience. We want to see and hear people in real life, it makes the interaction more meaningful. Video is a versatile tool that gives us a real-life experience into what is really going on behind closed doors. Video is also a fantastic piece of content that shares across multiple platforms easily. Consumers enjoy it because it is easy to digest, it is more entertaining than reading, and you can have visual and verbal walkthroughs. While marketers like it as there is a possibility for a drastic ROI as one piece of content can be shared across multiple channels. Consider implementing a video marketing strategy for your business today!

Video is also fun, and having your audience seeing you have fun can make the feeling contagious. The key is to think beyond profit and to show them something valuable about yourself, your team members and your business. The more they know about you and your practices, the more likely they are to buy into your philosophy.

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