Leadlander vs VisitorTrack vs Visitor Queue

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Leadlander vs VisitorTrack vs Visitor Queue, it can be difficult to know which tool is best suited for your needs. But, with new players appearing in this industry almost daily, it can be difficult to weed through the platforms that are not suited for you and your team and find the companies that can work alongside you and your team. We understand that you don’t have time to try every platform to find the one that works best, that is why we are trying to do the heavy lifting for you and narrow it down.

We do not aim to make this decision for you but to help you uncover the facts to make this decision as easy as possible. Also, we recommend looking at your current marketing/sales tool chest and understanding the needs of you and your team, so you can identify which tools will assist you with this and potentially which tools will integrate best. Next, and potentially most importantly (depending on your needs of course), you must understand what your end game is and what you are aiming to track. If you are setting out to track multiple sites (whether you have multiple global sites or have clients sites you wish to track), you will need to find a tool that will allow for this. But, this is one of the biggest limiting factors we have discovered for some companies. Next, we examine Leadlander vs VisitorTrack vs Visitor Queue.


Leadlander dashboard

Firstly, Leadlander was founded in 2006 in the US and provides details on the visitors to your site. In addition, this includes their journey, company details, addresses, and numbers. Leadlander uses a tracking script to track the companies that visit your site to assist your sales team in following up with warmer leads. Starting at $249 USD/month they allow you to have features such as an unlimited number of users and websites on your account as well as email reporting methods and page tracking. But, their platform does not offer custom reporting methods on criteria you set and custom tagging.  As an out-of-the-box software, it works well and does what it says, but beyond the out-of-the-box experience, it offers limited, if any, custom functionality. 

LeadLander vs Visitor Queue

Visitor QueueLeadlander
Tracks the companies on your siteYesYes
PriceStarting at $29 USD per month$249+ USD per month
Getting started5-10 minute setupAdd additional tracking codes to your website
Key contactsUnlimited phone numbers & emailsPay per credit
Auto-assignment of leads to usersYesNo
Page trackingYesYes
Email reportsYesYes
Numbers of usersYesYes
Numbers of websitesYesYes
24/7 SupportYesNo
G2 Crowdâ„¢ Reviews4.6/5 – 90 reviews3.9/5 – 35 reviews
Capterraâ„¢ Reviews4.5/5 – 60 reviews4.5/5 – 7 reviews
Customizable ReportsYesNo
Customizable TaggingYesNo


Visitortrack dashboard

Next, VisitorTrack was started in the US and provides similar details as the other companies competing in this market. In addition, they can track the visitors to your site, provide journey data and company information. Starting at $200 USD/month they offer page tracking via a custom tracking script they generate for you to add to your site. They also offer a report for you to share with your team and offer the ability to pay per contact you wish to see.

In addition, they offer a similar experience, they restrict the ability to add more than one user to the account and more than one website. This approach works well for companies looking to have one admin and integrate the information with a CRM or do exporting, but nothing more. But, for teams that wish to all have access to the account or firms with multiple sites it can become tricky, if not, impossible to get the data you desire. 

We enable B2B companies to identify the anonymous businesses that visit their website and personalize their experience. Your sales team can now follow up with the visitors that don’t convert, while marketing can personalize your website based on firmographic information to drive up conversion rate. Start your 14-day free trial today!

VisitorTrack vs Visitor Queue

Visitor QueueVisitorTrack
Tracks the companies on your siteYesYes
PriceStarting at $29 USD per month$200+ USD per month
Getting started5-10 minute setupAdd additional tracking code to your website
Key contactsUnlimited phone numbers & emailsPay per credit
Auto-assignment of leads to usersYesNo
Page trackingYesYes
Number of usersUnlimited1
Number of websitesUnlimited1
24/7 SupportYesNo
Customizable ReportsYesNo

Visitor Queue

Lastly, Visitor Queue was founded in 2017 in Canada and has been growing exponentially with clients around the world. Along with other visitor identification tools, Visitor Queue previously connected with their clients Google Analytics to track visitors and identify the companies that visited their site. Unfortunately, due to changes within Google, they no longer provide this data so companies like Visitor Queue changed to utilize a unique tracking script to get the same information. In this case, Visitor Queue was not an issue for them as the changes they made internally to create a tracking script allowed them to optimize their solution and add new features and drastically decrease the turnaround time of identification.

Visitor Queue is not only the most cost-effective software in this comparison but arguably the most cost-effective in the industry. In addition, with the ability to have unlimited users, unlimited websites, unlimited integrations, a custom API, and customizable reporting and filtering methods along with features like tags, hot leads notifications, and more, Visitor Queue allows you to do more at a price anyone can afford. Visitor Queue is also always developing new features and updates and will work with your company to help make the solution ideal for you and your team. Visitor Queue also will take all the feedback they can get to help make your dashboard more productive but remaining as simple as possible. In addition, Visitor Queue will be the first company in their industry to be listed on the Salesforce app exchange and live natively inside the Salesforce dashboard. In conclusion, this will allow you and your team to seamlessly use your data inside the world’s number 1 CRM tool. Also, you will have access to every feature and tool as you would within the Visitor Queue dashboard. 

What’s Next?

In conclusion, narrowing down the available tools to the one you ultimately decide on can be a tedious and daunting task. As these companies set out to reach the same goal, they will all have different approaches and some will be better than others, offering better tools and features. But, if this were not the case, there would be no reason for all of them to exist in the market. Ensure that before you set out on this hunt, you have set a clear outline of what you hope to achieve with this tool. Also, determine what matters most to you so you can see who can help you reach those goals.. 

As a disclaimer, there is no technological way to track end-users and identify the individual that was on your site to follow up with them, this also infringes on privacy law if it were possible. Additionally, there are tools out there that “can do this”, this is through chat functions or other ways that the individual offers their own information and you link that to their IP address which is not identifying anonymous visitors. Also, not all the traffic you see in your Google Analytics account is going to be identified, only company IP addresses and VPNs registered to company domains are identifiable. Finally, all ISP’s, network providers, etc. are filtered out as there is no relevant data to be gained from these visitors. 

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