How to Use Website Personalization in Your Marketing Strategy

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how to use website personalization software

In the coming years, website personalization will be an essential part of B2B marketing. If companies do not include website personalization in their marketing strategy, they will struggle to keep up with their competition. Some may be concerned about implementing personalization, but I promise you that it’s not as hard as it may seem. Keep reading to find out how to easily use website personalization in your marketing strategy.

What is Website Personalization?

B2B website personalization is providing your customers with a tailored view of your website that is unique to their needs. Their view of your website can be based on their geographic location, demographics, industry, and more. Businesses can even be targeted based on their name. Imagine how special you would feel if you were welcomed to a website with your company name.

Below is a great example of website personalization for a marketing agency. As you can see, if a marketing agency lands on our home page they will be welcomed with specific information based on their industry. Depending on the website, you can include relevant case studies, use cases, products, and more of other marketing agencies that we have helped. By doing this, the agency will see that they can trust us. You might be thinking, “This sounds difficult,” or “I’m not good with technology,”. Don’t worry, with the help of Visitor Queue, you can easily personalize your website in minutes. Without having to use code.

Website Personalization Software - Visitor Queue Targeting Marketing Agencies

Visitor Queue Website Personalization

Like I mentioned before, with the help of Visitor Queue’s B2B personalization software, you can easily customize the view of your website for your visitors. Give your website visitors the website experience they deserve. Easily use our unique what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) technology to drag and drop content and type right on to your site. Don’t sacrifice your website’s speed with unnecessary code or other software that just doesn’t do the job. All of this, in addition to website visitor identification. Easily increase your company’s revenue by 10-20%. Start your 14-day free trial today!

Personalizing Your Website With Visitor Queue

Who Can I Target With Personalization?

Understanding your target market is an essential part of marketing. Luckily, you can personalize your website based on dozens of demographic and geographic factors. Below you can find a list of just a few examples of how you can customize your website.

Website Personalization Software

Geographic Location

A lot of larger companies have multiple locations. If a company has its head office in California, and smaller offices across Europe, there’s a good chance that they will respond better to different content, CTAs, and more. By personalizing your website, you can show the company’s head office one view of your website. While showing their smaller European offices a view that they will resonate with. 


Only looking to target certain industries with your website personalization? Easily target specific industries and provide them with relevant information to help them convert. Show them use cases, case studies, prices, and competitor comparisons that you know they will be looking for. Get straight to the point. Provide them with examples of other companies that are similar that you have helped thrive in the past. This will help companies that are researching multiple alternatives remember your company and how easy your site was to navigate.

Company Name

If your company wants to target a specific company, this might be the perfect way to personalize your site. Use Visitor Queue’s website visitor identification to find company names that you are interested in targeting. You may even find some that you had no idea were interested in your company. Once you have found a few companies that interest you, study up on their history, location, employee count, and more that is included in your Visitor Queue account. This information will help you better frame your personalization. Once you are familiar with the company, personalize your website. Show that specific company how your company is the best solution for their needs.

Website Personalization in Marketing

There are a ton of different ways that companies can use website personalization in their marketing strategy. Making updates to your website can be stressful, and it gets confusing if you have to use multiple software. Next, we are going to break down a few ways that website personalization can help enhance your marketing plan.

Landing Page Optimization

Whether your landing pages are through paid advertising like Google Ads, or rank organically, personalization will drive more success. This is because if a company sees information that is specific to their needs, they will have a hard time resisting. For example, if your company is bidding on your competitor’s keywords, then your landing page should reflect your company vs. your competitor. If a prospect clicks on that ad and is brought to your competitor landing page, then you can show them why your company is the better option for them. You could show them a positive G2 review for your company, and a negative G2 review of the competitor. From a verified G2 reviewer who is in a similar industry as theirs.

Website Personalization Software

A/B Testing

Just like any other form of digital marketing, A/B testing can make or break your strategy. A/B testing is when you compare the success of two different initiatives in order to determine which initiative will work best in regard to your goals. With personalization, you can easily track what landing pages result in the most conversions, time on site, clicks, all while driving down your bounce rate. We’ll talk a little more about specific metrics that you can test out later.

Page Path

In your Google Analytics account, you can see the number of pages that your website visitors go to, as well as what pages they navigate through while on your site. If you see that your website visitors take a long time to find important information like your features or contact page, then personalization can help. If your visitors have a hard time knowing what to read after the landing page, then personalization will help guide them to the next page. By showing your website visitors an ideal view of your website, they will be more likely to click on your call to action, therefore increasing the number of conversions you receive.

Social Referrals 

When a website visitor is acquired from a social media ad, they will end up on one of your landing pages. However, social media is tricky and can often lead to fewer conversions than Google Ads or even organic visitors. If you see fewer conversions with social media than other forms of digital advertising, then personalization might be able to help. If you acquire a website visitor through LinkedIn, they will want a different experience than a visitor that is coming from a more casual platform like Instagram. I have also seen companies set up special discount codes or promotions for visitors who were acquired from a certain platform. For example, LinkedIn visitors are typically very high-quality and relevant for B2B companies, but maybe you have a hard time converting LinkedIn visitors. Show them a 10% lifetime discount code, and they will have a hard time saying no. In addition, visitors who come from social media have a shorter attention span. This means that your website will have to catch their attention much faster than someone who is avidly researching for a solution. 


User interface and user experience are both important factors that go into a successful website. If a website is not visually appealing then it’s hard for potential customers to convert. With personalization, you can easily make your website more attractive and usable without code. Test out different styles of your website to find out what your website visitors are looking for. Generally, your website will have 15 seconds to catch the attention of your visitors. Put that time to good use by capturing their attention quickly and reducing your bounce rate. Next, we are going to talk more about metrics that website personalization can improve.

We enable B2B companies to identify the anonymous businesses that visit their website and personalize their experience. Your sales team can now follow up with the visitors that don’t convert, while marketing can personalize your website based on firmographic information to drive up conversion rate. Start your 14-day free trial today!

Metrics You Can Measure

As marketers, we love data. We want any type of marketing initiative to be backed by metrics and other data that will prove our point. That’s why we want to track the success of our website personalization initiatives. Keep reading for some key metrics to track.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a difficult metric to analyze, because it can be hard to identify the exact reason why your visitors leave your website. And if you try to test out different versions of your landing page without personalization, it can take days or even weeks to plan, code, and execute the new pages. With personalization, you can easily set up a new version of your landing page(s) in minutes. Plus, you won’t need any coding knowledge or a developer to help. Once you have tested out different landing pages for a certain amount of time, you can analyze which version had a lower bounce rate. You can continue this cycle until you find the ultimate page that yields the lowest bounce rate possible.


Conversions are one of the most important metrics to track. With the help of website personalization, website visitors are up to 80% more likely to convert. Imagine 80% more conversions that you have now, sounds like a marketer’s dream! For example, if a visitor clicks on a Facebook ad with a CTA of “Learn More”, you can take your visitor to a page with more information, and follow it with a specific CTA based on the information that they have read, like “Sign Up”.

Time on Site

Time on site is an important metric to track. It directly relates back to the quality of your pages and content. A lot of the time marketers will associate time on site with bounce rate, and that’s not always true. Yes, if a website has a high bounce rate, then the time on the site may be shorter. But, if a website is poorly organized, visitors may search around the site to look for their answers. There is a happy medium here that can take a long time to find. Personalization can help because you can guide your visitors through your site with specific CTAs that are tailored to their needs. 

New vs. Returning Visitors

Why provide your current clients and your prospective clients with the same website experience? Show your prospective clients a version of your site that includes commonly asked questions, a link to your features, how they can reach out, and a button linked to your pricing page. Current clients won’t be interested in all of this, they will already know it. Show your current clients how they can take advantage of integrations, commonly asked questions for people that already have an account, and more. This way, your current clients will not see the same information over and over again, and your prospects will not be too overwhelmed with information that isn’t relevant to them yet.

How Do I Get Started?

That’s a great question! Once you create your Visitor Queue account, you can start personalizing your website in minutes. Just copy and paste the VQ tracking script to the header of your website, and you’re ready to go. In just a few minutes, your dashboard will populate with data about the companies that are visiting your website. Next, you will be able to start personalizing your website based on your company’s goals.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are so many different ways that a marketer can implement website personalization to improve their site. Providing your website visitors with the experience they deserve can exponentially increase revenue and the overall success of your company. With the help of Visitor Queue, your marketing team will love personalization features while your sales team will love the website visitor identification features. Visitor Queue is a win-win for both teams, how often does that happen? If you have any questions about how Visitor Queue’s personalization or website visitor identification can help your company grow, do not hesitate to reach out.

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