EP 8: What The Growth!? Using a Company’s Website Policies to Discover Their Tech/Marketing Stack

3 years ago 1 minute read
Using a Company's Website Policies to Discover Their Tech/Marketing Stack
EP 8: What The Growth!? - Using a Company's Website Policies to Discover Their Tech/Marketing Stack

In the eighth episode of What The Growth!?, Visitor Queue’s Chief Executive and Co-founder, Nick Hollinger, goes over how to quickly grow your business by using a company’s privacy policy, terms of service or cookie policy to discover a company’s tech/marketing stack.


With data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA and others, it’s often mandated that companies disclose services they share data with and cookies that they use.

This information is usually found in the terms of service, cookie policy or the privacy policy. 

Let’s use an example right from the Visitor Queue website. If we dive into our cookie policy, you’ll see that we use a number of different cookies on our website. 


You can see that we use cookies from LeadDyno, meaning we have an affiliate program. In addition, cookies from AgileCRM, so you know which CRM. We are also using and the Facebook cookie, so we’re likely running Facebook ads. 

And so on. Based on this, you have more insight into what our marketing stack looks like.

Note, that you can also see most of this by inspecting the website as well but the cookie policy is usually easier to understand. 

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Privacy Policy

Then if we look into the privacy policy, you can learn even more, including the software we use to run our application like hunter.io and full contact and more like calendly.com and our own software that make up parts of our marketing stack. 

Now knowing this information, you have an idea of what’s working for us. So, you can now look at doing the same for your company!

Privacy law may be frustrating at times to stay up to date with. But, it does have this one unintentional benefit to help you stay up to date on competitors. 

Bonus tip: Don’t just look at competitor’s marketing/tech stack! Take a look at complementary companies or other companies doing well in similar markets. This can help you to get a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t.

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Nick Hollinger | CEO

I am the CEO and Co-founder of Visitor Queue. Currently working with ~5000 companies across the globe including Microsoft and Jones Lang Lasalle. In my spare time, I am also the Game Day Director for one of Canada's most successful Junior Hockey Teams (the London Knights). Previously, I held Head of Marketing/Sales roles at SMB B2B organizations. A strong believer that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, experience, and opinion on Marketing, Sales, SaaS, and Entrepreneurship.