AI-Generated Blog Content: The Pros and Cons

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AI Generated Blog Content: The Pros and Cons (animated)

Imagine sitting back, sipping your cup of coffee, and watching your blog content generate in seconds. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, with the recent advancements in artificial intelligence, this has turned into a reality. Although AI-generated blog content can seem like a great way to mass produce content, is the content it creates as good as human-made content? Keep reading to find out.

The Rise of AI in Content Creation

We all know that content marketing is essential. And, with AI on the rise, it’s easy to see why companies are turning to it to create content. AI writing tools, like ChatGPT and Jasper, leverage natural language processing and machine learning to produce human-like content. These tools analyze a number of different tools, learn patterns, and generate content based on the prompt that you enter in. But, there have to be some pros and cons to AI-generated content, right? 

Pros of AI-Generated Blog Content

We know that AI has taken the industry by storm, but what are the best things about AI-generated blog content? Find out below.

Enhanced Productivity and Time Savings

Creating high-quality blog content is not easy. And, when you consider how much time it takes to research topics and actually write the article, it can take hours to write just one article. Because of this, content creators are loving the help from AI. AI-generated blog content helps you save hours that were previously spent researching and writing your articles. With just a few sentences, AI tools can generate a draft or help you brainstorm ideas.

Consistency and Scalability

Maintaining a consistent brand voice and style across a blog can be challenging, especially when multiple writers are involved. AI-generated blog content can ensure you are consistent and adhering to predefined guidelines, brand voice, and other specific instructions. You can even input previously written articles into the tool, and it can use the same vibe. Because of this, scaling content production becomes more feasible since AI tools can generate larger amounts of content, efficiently.

AI-Generated Content and Search Engine Optimization


Many marketers and content creators alike have shown concern in AI taking their jobs. And, that is not at all true. AI is not here to replace human creativity, it’s simply here to amplify it. AI-generated blog content can serve as a starting point, providing you with ideas, structure, and key points that you may not have thought of. You can take this rough draft, and then infuse your unique perspective, insights, and personal experience into the content. This will ensure you are creating content that is a blend of human creativity and AI-generated efficiency. 

Multilingual Capabilities

If you cater to a wide range of audiences, this may be a helpful feature that you might not have thought of previously. Expanding your reach to a global audience is now more accessible with the help of AI-generated blog content. With the help of AI, you can generate multiple versions of your blog content in different languages, allowing you to cater to a diverse audience. This can open up opportunities for companies to connect with a broader audience and increase their website traffic.

SEO and Readability Optimization

The last pro we are going to touch on is SEO and readability optimization. While AI content may not be perfectly written for SEO, it can definitely be helpful to gather ideas. You can find out keywords, page titles, and metadata based on the content you are writing about. In addition, AI algorithms can suggest improvements for readability, allowing your content to be easy to understand and enjoyable to read. But, when you are generating SEO, I always recommend double-checking with Google Keyword Planner to ensure you are using the best keywords. If you’re looking to learn more about AI-generated content and SEO, take a look at this article.

Cons of AI-Generated Blog Content

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, what are the negative aspects of AI-generated blog content? Find out below.

Lack of Emotional Intelligence

While AI algorithms can excel at generating information, they often struggle to capture human emotions and experiences. This can result in content that feels almost robotic. That’s why it’s essential to review and edit AI-generated blog content to infuse it with your desired tone and emotions that resonate with your audience. One of the best ways that you can do this is by adding in real-world examples that you have previously experienced.

Quality Assurance Challenges

Despite significant advancements, AI-generated blog content can have occasional inaccuracies, grammatical errors, or inconsistencies. This is why relying solely on AI without proper quality assurance measures may lead to subpar content that fails to engage readers. As a result, it’s crucial to review and edit AI-generated drafts to ensure accuracy and quality. 

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Lack of Originality

Since AI algorithms learn from existing data and patterns, there’s a possibility of generating content that resembles existing articles or lacks originality. This especially applies to specific content, where there are fewer sources to pull information from. While AI can provide a strong foundation, applying your own perspective and insights is crucial to creating original and compelling content that sets you apart from others. As I mentioned before, adding real-world examples is a great way to do this.

Limited Contextual Understanding

AI-generated blog content can struggle with understanding specific requirements or industry jargon. That’s why it’s important to provide clear instructions and guidelines to ensure the content meets your specific needs. Reviewing and refining your content, and infusing it with your expertise will help deliver tailored content to your audience. And, if it includes industry jargon and aligns with what your viewers want to read, you’re more likely to position your company as an industry leader.

The Balancing Act

If you are looking to use AI for your blog content, there should be a happy medium between AI content and human content. There are a few ways that you can ensure that your content has the right balance of AI and human touch.

Understanding Your Audience

When writing content, AI-generated or not, nothing is more important than understanding your audience. Aligning your content with your audience’s preferences, interests, pain points, and knowledge level is essential. If you write your content at too high of a level, your audience will not read your entire article. And, there’s a good chance they’ll remove your company from their reading list.

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Don’t Replace Human Efforts

Treat AI as a valuable tool that assists you in generating content efficiently, instead of relying on it for everything. There are just some things that AI can’t do! And, you need someone to go through your content to ensure it’s up to your standards.

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Encourage User Interaction

Try to encourage comments, feedback, and engagement from your readers. This can make your article seem more personable and engaging. It can also be helpful to include videos, images, and other engaging aspects of your content that is outside of the text. This can keep your audience interested throughout the entire article.

Implement Quality Assurance Processes

As I have mentioned previously, you should not be copying and pasting directly from your AI tool. So, you should implement a quality assurance process to ensure that your content is high enough quality and represents your brand. It can be pretty obvious when articles are strictly written by AI, so it’s crucial that you take the necessary steps to make them unique and relevant to your audience.

Closing Statements

AI is truly revolutionizing the way we produce content. The marketers that use it as a starting point, rather than cookie-cutter articles, will reign supreme. After all, who wants to read content that lacks flavor and personality? Not me! It can take some trial and error to perfect your content creation, but once you get the hang of it, it can be pretty straightforward. And, AI can complement your content creation strategy perfectly, if used correctly.

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