6 Best Online Sales Training Courses

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6 Best Online Sales Training Courses

With sales tools and automation software changing every day, it is not enough to simply be a sales rep and a people person. Business professionals get hounded every day through email, social media, phone calls and other platforms to buy a product/service. In some cases, you don’t always have a chance to interact with someone to show your great personal skills. That is why using sales tools and automation software is so important. You need to reach as many people that are qualified to develop that relationship and develop that lead. This is not as easy as buying a cold email list and hoping someone on that list contacts you back. There are qualifying methods you can use to contact warmer more qualified leads to ensure a higher ROI and waste less of your time. This is why constantly keeping up to date is so important, and why online sales training courses are so popular.

Picking Your Online Sales Training Courses

These tools, software, and methods are not simple to use and require some training to understand which would work. Not only best for you, but your team, and the software your business currently uses. This is why we created this list of online sales training courses. To help you seek out additional training to stay on top of the ever-changing profession and software. 

Northwestern | Kellogg School of Management

Whether it is selling an idea or product it is as important as developing it in the first place. As without sales effort, there is no way to get the business off the ground. This executive sales program was developed to help you gain a better understanding of customer requirements and to identify your target audience. So you can move from the shotgun approach to a finely targeted approach. The classes focus on techniques that have been key to the growth and development of some of the most successful companies in the world. 


Udemy is a hub for online information and offers everything in the industry you can imagine. Within the scope of the sales, they offer free and paid classes on sales techniques, B2B sales, business development, start-ups, and more. Through the use of these online sales training courses, you are able to have access to an unlimited number of training programs. To keep your sales team as sharp as possible and on top of all the new developments in the industry. Start by introducing the free courses to your team and grow into the program to maximize efficiency, close deals, and scale your business. 

Some courses Udemy provide include:

LinkedIn Learning – Lynda

The tutorials LinkedIn provides will help you and your team understand how to be the most effective sales professional you can be. With over 1200 training sessions you have many opportunities. Such as, explore frameworks, methodologies, sales tactics, negotiation skills, and more from the top companies in the world. There is a reason LinkedIn is the top social media platform for business and has one of the most common sales tools available. LinkedIn develops you as you go with an introduction to basic skills to ensure you have the correct foundation. Then develop you and your team into advanced topics such as crafting the perfect pitch, forecasting, pipeline management and more. 

We enable B2B companies to identify the anonymous businesses that visit their website and personalize their experience. Your sales team can now follow up with the visitors that don’t convert, while marketing can personalize your website based on firmographic information to drive up conversion rate. Start your 14-day free trial today!

Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce has become such an industry leader that some colleges and universities teach their students how to use their platform in business school. As one of the largest sales tools in the world, they have access to some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world. With this inside knowledge as well as hiring some of the brightest and skilled sales professionals. They have developed an online training program everyone has access to. Work your way through the various modules and receive certifications to grow your team. Allow your team to branch out into other areas of the industry to better connect your team and have them working as a unit. 

HubSpot Academy

In today’s market, no one responds to the sleazy “used car salesman” tactics, nor do they respond to the “door-to-door” vacuum salesman. Your team must not only be good when in front of a customer (physically or digitally). You must also know how to develop your client list and find your own qualified customer to follow up with. Hubspot has created an online portal to help your team understand how to go from identifying the best potential buyers, to developing a close personal business relationship with them. 

Sales Hacker

Richard Harris, who currently leads Sales Hacker’s consulting and training programs, has had just about every sales position you could imagine giving him the knowledge to level your sales ability up. He is able to give you the guidance needed to ensure you have a steady foundation to build you up further and have not only your close rate increase but have the number of customers increase. Sales is no longer simply talking to a customer that is in front of you and convincing them to buy, you must now know how to discover where the customer that would be interested in your product is, how to reach them, start a conversation with them, then convince them to buy and keep that relationship. Richard has the tools and knowledge to show you how to do this flawlessly. 

Deciding On Your Online Sales Training Courses

It can be difficult (for me at least) to not add all the courses to your cart or to-do list. For some of us, it is an endless pursuit of information and constantly wanting to go back to school or do more courses. This is why it is important to set an outline of topics you want to cover. This way when you approach the different establishments to take your courses you can stay focused looking for what you need. This is not to say you won’t find things that will be beneficial but it is important to stay focused on what you’re looking for. 

Some of the great things are with many of these educational establishments, when you complete a course there are options to grow further within that topic or they recommend others. This allows you to further your knowledge in this area and gain further insight into topics you are interested in. 

What’s Next?

It is important to understand what part of the sales process you wish to start with. Of course, we all must have the sturdy foundation to build upon. But some online sales training courses are better served for your business than others. By fully understanding not only your current sales process but the tools your business uses. You are able to understand what courses to follow through with and which tools to consider implementing to your business. Ensure the tools you decide to implement work with your current tools and your team.

After discovering which tools work with your day-to-day business you can develop the processes and methods of these tools. Ensure you and your team are always hunting down new tactics and methodologies to stay on top of the market. The way people interact with each other changes every day and you do not want to be left behind. Because you still prefer to interact with your customers one way, but they only wish to interact another way.

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